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BC land for sale

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BC land for sale


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Kurt Nielsen

Developing Your Land For Greater Profit

Landowners often think about ways to create more value and in turn more wealth from their land. Perhaps the idea of merely selling it as a parcel without exploring its potential is not particularly appealing or satisfying. As a landowner, you may wish to maximize the return on part of your property while continuing to reside on the remainder, or keep the remainder as a longer term investment holding or leave it to your children. Or, you may decide the time has come when you wish to capitalize on all your property and achieve maximum returns. With long experience and expertise in rural and recreational land development and marketing, I can evaluate the potential of your property along with the time and risks involved so that you can make informed decisions.

I combine decades of experience and knowledge to provide the following services:

  • Assess the merits of your property for development feasibility
  • Examine the market and sales potential for the developed product
  • Compile the requirements and logistics for a strategic procedure through the political, bureaucratic and regulatory complexities
  • Negotiate zoning, permits and approval requirements
  • Bring together and oversee all consultants, contractors, suppliers, utility services and legal documentation necessary to bring a project to a successful conclusion
  • Develop, implement and conduct a professional marketing and sales program

After my initial discussion with you, the landowner, and an inspection of the land, we determine if there is sufficient merit to proceed further. If it is mutually agreed to proceed, I can often provide the initial costs to ascertain the feasibility of a development venture and how it can best be financed. For our mutual benefit I take a cautious approach to minimize the risks inherent in any land development project. As compensation for my services, I receive a percentage of your net profits from the venture, which are calculated after you have received fair market value for your land. Of course I can also list the developed product and market it on a sales commission basis.


BC Land for sale

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